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Our subsidiary company, Envitec Biogas UK Ltd, are experienced suppliers of the latest Biogas technologies to the UK.

A Biogas plant offers you the capability to turn all manner of waste into a usable power supply that provides a reliable and constant source of income. Biogas usage in the UK is constantly growing, as more farmers, investors & politicians are recognising the benefits of biogas.

Envitec Biogas UK will work with you from concept development to plant construction, using their years of experience in the sector to ensure optimum operational procedures.

  • Biogas makes an active contribution to climate protection
  • Biogas offers a reliable source of income
  • Plant operators can adapt flexibly to input materials
  • Biogas generation is independent of weather conditions
  • Biogas is storable
  • Biogas as a power supply can be used in many different ways

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Recent Projects

Project: Melrose Farm
Location: Yorkshire
Capacity: 499kWe
Feedstock: Pig Slurry, Maize & Grass silage
Project: Buttermilk Farms
Location: Buntingford
Capacity: 1067kWe
Feedstock: Sustainable Crops
Project: Stowell Farms
Location: Wiltshire
Capacity: 499kWe
Feedstock: Cow Slurry & Sustainable Crops




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