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Protech VOC Flex

Protech VOC Flex is a high performance 6 layer flexible proprietary reinforced VOC barrier and is suitable for use on brownfield sites that require protection from dangerous contaminants such as hydrocarbons.

The Protech VOC Flex has been developed to ease installation on site due to the flexibility of the membrane. It is also suitable as a high performance damp proof membrane.

  • Exceptional chemical resistance
  • Robust & durable multi-layer membrane
  • Flexible membrane to ease installation on site
  • Additional damp proofing protection
  • High resistance to puncturing
  • BBA Certified
Protech VOC Flex

Protech VOC Flex


Protech VOC Flex should be unrolled over the prepared ground or sub-floor which should be swept and free from any sharp protrusions. The A. Proctor Group would advise that Protech VOC Flex is welded to provide protection against VOCs as per CIRIA C716 : 2012 Remediating and mitigating risks from VOC vapours from land affected by contamination. We can advise on site specific jointing techniques where applicable.

In areas where the membrane crosses cavity walls or internal single skin walls, Protech VOC Flex Starter Band should be used in conjunctions with Protech VOC Flex Internal and External preformed corner units. Pipe penetrations should be sealed with Protech VOC Top Hats or Protech GM Flashing Strips. Stanchions and columns should be sealed with Protech Primer and Protech GM Flashing strips.


  • Protech VOC Flex Starter Band
  • Protech VOC Tophats
  • Protech GM Flashing Strip
  • Protech VOC Corner Units
  • Protech Liquid Applied Gas Membrane (LAGM)
  • Protech GM 3mm Protection Board
  • Protech VOC Protection Fleece
  • Protech GM Tape
  • Protech GM Primer

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Material Properties

Protech VOC Flex

Property Test Method Result
Roll Size - 50 x 2 m
Thickness - 0.55 mm
Weight ISO 536 564 gsm
Tensile Strength EN 12311-1 MD 700 / CD 640 N/50mm
Elongation EN 12311-1 MD 30% CD 25%
Nail Tear Resistance EN 12311-1 MD 500 / CD 540 N
Methane Permeability ISO 15105-1 ≤0.1 ml/m2/day
Determination of Chemical Resistance EN 14414 Methods A-D Pass - No visual degradation
Resistance to Naphthalene ISO 15105-2 (EN 14414 Method C) Pass
Resistance to Benzene ISO 15105-2 (EN 14414 Method C) Pass
Resistance to Toluene ISO 15105-2 (EN 14414 Method C) Pass
Resistance to Hexane ISO 15105-2 (EN 14414 Method C) Pass

UK Availability

North East Scotland & Islands
Linda Kay
Regional Sales Manager


South London & South East
Josephine Matchette
Regional Sales Manager


Wales & South West
Marc Blackie
Technical / Regional Sales Manager

07968215 755

North London & East England
Ben Cremer
Technical / Regional Sales Manager


Head Office
The Haugh

Kieran Basi
Regional Sales Manager


Anthony Ruth
Regional Sales Manager

Global Availability

North America
Jeff Dibdin
International Account Manager.


South America
Jeff Dibdin
International Account Manager.


Jeff Dibdin
International Account Manager.


Jeff Dibdin
International Account Manager.


Jeff Dibdin
International Account Manager.


Jeff Dibdin
International Account Manager.


Support at every stage - from site investigation to validation

  • 1 Site Investigation

    Step-1Site Investigation Reports including Gas Monitoring Results. We can review these reports and advise routes for compliance.
  • 2 System Design

    gas-Protection-System-Design-930x550Full Ground Gas Protection System Design available. CIRIA, NHBC & Building Regulations compliant.
  • 3 Specification

    Step3Ease of specification with full NBS Plus specifications available for every product. Wide library of standard details with site specific details on request.
  • 4 Installation

    Telephone-Support-930x550-1We are linked to Specialist Installers who are qualified to NVQ Level 2 in Gas Membrane Installation as recommended in CIRIA C735.
  • 5 Validation

    Step-5We have close links with independent 3rd party validation professionals, ensuring your project complies with the relevant building regulations.




ground gas accessories

Our new Ground Gas Protection Accessories Brochure is now available. Download it for complete information on our range of Protech and Provoid Ground Gas accessories.






Check our Building on Contaminated Land: VOC Barrier Membranes Webinar Page. Here you will find video replay, downloadable video, transcript & downloadable PDF transcript of our Webinar, hosted by our Managing Director, Keira Proctor.



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