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The A. Proctor Group has, for nearly 50 years, been serving the construction industry with an extensive portfolio of technically advanced thermal, acoustic and membrane products. The Group provides a wide range of high quality, innovative solutions which are designed to meet the continuously evolving requirements of the construction industry. Our commitment to keeping pace with this evolution has led to the group’s expansion, today encompassing five individual divisions.

This unique diversity gives us the ability to consider buildings holistically, and hence to develop systems that complement each other across a wide range of sectors.

Our close links with the industry, both academics and construction professionals, combined with our broad in house knowledge base gives us the ability to innovate, anticipate and create in whichever sectors we choose to compete.


Spacetherm, District 10, Dundee




Roofing breather membrane with superior air & vapour permeability. BBA Certified for non-ventilated warm & cold roofs.




Aerogel insulation blanket with a thermal conductivity of 0.015 W/mK. Available bonded to wall linings, or cut to any size or shape.




A self-adhesive air tight vapour permeable membrane installed outside the services zone. Assists in achieving good airtightness levels.

Wraptite Tape


 Air-tight, tear resistant tape with high vapour permeability for internal and external applications. Fully bonds to all standard substrates.




Façadeshield UV is designed specifically to ensure the building fabric maintains good water resistance and breathability behind open jointed cladding.

Reflectashield TF 0.81


Class leading reflective breather membrane with an R-Value of 0.81 m2K/W. Reduces insulation requirements when meeting building regulations.

Protech GM+



Reinforced LDPE loose laid gas barrier that protects against the ingress of Methane, Carbon Dioxide and damp.

Profloor Dynamic Batten



High performance batten with composite dual layer foams. Robust Details compliant for both timber and concrete sub-floors.

Reflectatherm Plus



Class leading reflective vapour barrier with an R-Value of 0.79 m2K/W. Suitable for use in walls, ceilings and floors.

Procheck 500



A strong reinforced polyethylene vapour control layer with good vapour resistance. Prevents interstitial condensation.

Levelling System



Batten and cradle system with packing pieces that levels out uneven timber and concrete sub-floors. Robust Details FFT2 compliant.




25mm geo-composite void former. Used with air inlets and outlets to dilute harmful gases and meet site requirements.




Reflectite tape provides an effective airtight seal at joints and penetrations without compromising the movement of moisture.

Protech GM Super



Reinforced LDPE gas barrier incorporating aluminium foil. Protects against the ingress of Methane, Carbon Dioxide and Radon.

Frameshield 100



Frameshield 100 is a BBA certified breather membrane for walls. Can be applied in the factory during manufacture or on site.

Dynamic Deck 26



Resilient shallow overlay board that provides a high degree of isolation. Patented edge support strips & FFT5 compliant.




Plusboard is a Styrofoam plasterboard laminate, satisfying the requirement for high-quality, internal wall insulation.

Profoil 861



A heavyweight, reinforced vapour control layer with aluminium foil core. High performance & corrosion resistant.

Profloor Ecoroll



A sound insulating material used under flooring for the reduction of footfall sound. Can be used in any kind of construction.

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"As a roofing contractor specialising in the larger, more prestigious, type of project, we prefer to use only the highest quality products. Therefore we use Proctor Roofshield wherever possible; we have been using it for over 15 years, together with their condensation risk analyses and U-value calculations."

Mike Camilleri - Camilleri Roofing



Innovative Construction Products for Over 80 Years.