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High Performace Membranes to feature at Futurebuild

The benefits of modular construction have been widely discussed with advocates including the government now recognising its potential to address the UK’s challenges in terms of both housing capacity and skills shor tages. However, the growth and benefits of modular off-site construction are equally at home in student housing and commercial developments such as hotels and high-rise buildings.

The opportunities and benefits delivered by modular construction projects may range from significant reductions in programme length, waste and cost, whilst another major factor is the ability to achieve higher levels of quality control in the process

From design through to construction and completion what is absolutely essential is that the selection of materials and products used within off-site projects is not compromised, ensuring performance is assured during the build process and throughout the lifetime of the building.

Helping to achieve this are some of the most technically advanced construction membranes available. The A. Proctor Group Ltd has been developing vapour permeable membranes and vapour control layers for over 25 years, and provides an extensive range of superior high-performance products suitable for modular and off-site construction, which will be showcased at this year’s Futurebuild exhibition.

One of the latest innovations on display will be Fireshield®, a vapour permeable walling underlay with a surface with intumescent coating. Fireshield is suitable for all walling applications including those in multiple storey buildings. Its unique coating doesn’t just resist fire but helps to protect materials underneath spread.

Addressing the need for maximising thermal performance in space critical applications, the A. Proctor Group has Spacetherm® SLENTEX® A2, a range of solutions to provide architects, builders and installers great flexibility and ease of use, combined with exceptional thermal performance qualities, which meet the requirements for A2 classification.

Wraptite® is a unique patented external air tight and vapour permeable, self-adhered membrane which solves the problem of reliably achieving air tightness in buildings. Applying Wraptite to the outside of the building will mean there are fewer penetrations for services, therefore, the likelihood of expensive remedial work is greatly reduced.

The latest solutions from the A. Proctor Group will be on display at Futurebuild stand number E11 at ExCel London from 3-5 March 2020.

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