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U-Value Calculator

A. Proctor Groups U-Value & Condensation Risk Calculator

  • U-values calculated to BS6946 2017 including Annex C (Surface Resistances), Annex D.1 & D.2 (Thermal Resistance of Airspaces), Annex F (Correction to thermal transmittance).
  • U-values calculated to ISO 13370 2017 - Thermal performance of buildings - Heat transfer via the ground
  • U-values for light steel-frame construction calculated to BRE Digest 465
  • Condensation Risk Analysis calculated to ISO 13788 (Glaser method), supporting infinite condensation planes. Automated external environment corrections for Suspended Floors & Slab on Ground Floor element types.
  • Postcode, City and Worldwide Specific Climate Data – The condensation risk will be calculated based on up to date (pulled at time of project creation) 20-year average temperature & humidity data for the project’s postcode. Local climate data is a requirement of both BS5250 & ISO 13788.
  • Print full project to PDF
  • Custom air layers with low emissivity and ventilation
  • Custom fixing profiles
  • Adjustable return periods, external and internal environments
  • Send your calculations for review by our in-house expert team
  • Work in a team, allowing your colleagues access to your calculations, along with search and copying functionality

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