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Thermal Insulation

With over 50 years experience in the thermal insulation market, the A. Proctor Group has seen evolving energy performance and reduction in CO2 emissions driven by the government placing increasingly higher demands on the insulation performance of the building envelope. This experience has allowed us to develop a range of solutions and services to assist the construction industry in meeting these demands by considering the full range of factors influencing energy performance, from U-values and heat loss rates, to airtightness and cold bridging.

We offer a large range of thermal solutions including Thermal Laminates for roofs, walls and floors, Foam Fabrication, Tapered Roofing and Multi-foil insulation. We have also developed Spacetherm®, a thin high performance aerogel insulation, commonly used for solid wall applications. We also promote an environmentally friendly wood fibre product that is manufactured from re-cycled timber waste products.

Our technical services include U-Value calculations, Dew point predictions, SAP assessments, SBEM Calculations & Non-Domestic EPCs. We can also provide energy performance certificates for domestic properties in Scotland.

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