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Wraptite Tape -Alperton, London

Wraptite Tape was used for a project of seven new tower blocks in Alperton, London by Simco External Framing Solutions Limited.

Wraptite Tape was used to create a permanent air-tight seal of the membrane overlaps. Easy to work with and having excellent performance for sealing the joints, Wraptite Tape was the obvious choice for the contractors.

Wraptite Tape is the latest addition to the A. Proctor Group’s portfolio of products. The uncontrolled flow of air through gaps and cracks in the fabric of a building are a common problem, resulting in a significant reduction in the thermal performance and efficiency of the structure.

Wraptite Tape is an air-tight, tear resistant tape with high vapour permeability suitable for internal and external applications. It fully bonds to most standard substrates, suppressing air leakage around joints, openings and penetrations.

Wraptite Tape Rolls

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