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APG Collection 2019

The A. Proctor Group has commissioned four Performance Costume Design students to create spectacular costumes made from their specialist construction membranes for a new marketing campaign. Five costumes of different shapes and styles were created almost entirely out of Roofshield, Wraptite®, Fireshield®, Reflectashield TF0.81 and Procheck® Adapt. They were then professionally modelled and photographed at the A. Proctor Group’s factory location.

The four design students from the University of Edinburgh – Lorna Isles, Sarah McClintock, Callum Miller and MaryJane Phillips – based their designs on the membranes’ physical properties and key performance characteristics. They also had to experiment with new costume-construction techniques to work with these unconventional materials.


Fireshield® is a vapour permeable membrane for use on walls behind cladding.

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Procheck Adapt

Procheck Adapt is a high performance variable-permeability vapour control layer for use in a variety of commercial and residential applications.

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Reflectashield TF 0.81

Reflectashield is a vapour permeable low emissivity membrane for use externally on timber frame buildings

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Roofshield is a unique, three - layer, nonwoven, spunbonded, polypropylene breather membrane with a patented melt - blown core.

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The ongoing issue of hard - to - treat walls in the UK can be overcome utilising Spacetherm - an ultra - thin insulation for thermal upgrades, saving valuable space without altering the exterior fabric of the building.

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Our range of Wraptite external air barriers solve the problem of reliably achieving airtightness in buildings, with a robust two component solution comprising Wraptite & Wraptite Tape.

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With the 2019 campaign now officially launched, we interviewed the designers about their experience and inspirations:

Sarah McClintock, designer: Roofshield & Wraptite

APG: Please tell us a bit about your background

SM: I come from Northern Ireland, and grew up for a few years in Brazil and India before coming back to NI for secondary school. Currently, I have lived and studied in Scotland for six years. I am on the final year of a Performance Costume Masters' at Edinburgh College of Art. Before this, I studied Painting and Printmaking at the Glasgow School of Art, in which my work also consisted of making costumes for performance art. I've been making costumes for years, and plan to make them for years to come!

APG: What was the inspiration behind your costumes?

SM: My Roofshield costume was inspired by the texture of corrugated tin roofing and the sheer volume of cover in 18th-century sack-back dresses. The Roofshield material was suited well to folding and I wanted to take advantage of that material quality in making the gown. My aim in making the Wraptite dress was to pull the material as close to the body as possible, which I did using Wraptite's self-adhering characteristic. I used an adjustable mannequin to create a bodyform of the size of my model, and then wrapped the Wraptite around this base, sticking it to itself in layers. Another feature of these sticky layers was that I could bend them up into ruffles, exposing the sticky side, which was perfect for adhering glitter to!

APG: What do you do when you’re not designing costumes?

SM: I’m an avid table-top gamer! I love exploring stories through games like Dungeons & Dragons, and it's a major influence on why I make costumes! I love using costume design to create and inhabit fantastic worlds...

Callum Miller, co-designer: Fireshield & Procheck Adapt

APG: Please tell us a bit about your background

CM: I grew up in West Lothian and currently live in central Edinburgh. I am currently in my fourth and final year of Performance Costume at Edinburgh College of Art. I came onto this programme straight from high school and, after my studies I hope to continue costume design and/or construction.

APG: What was the inspiration behind your costumes?

CM: For the Procheck Adapt costume, the inspiration was based on its main USP, its variable permeability, which I visualised as ‘smart’. We characterised this feature, creating a business-like woman using influence from stylish 1950s suits. Even though the construction was pretty difficult, I felt the silhouette from this time period was very striking and we managed to create something beautiful. For the Fireshield costume, our inspiration also originated from the USPs of the material. The whole point of the membrane is to add extra protection from fire spread – it acts like a ‘protector’. From this, we created a suit of armour that reflected a warrior-like character, drawing parallel to how the material is a fighter against the fire. I loved making this piece as I used real riveting methods and tools. There are over 30 components to this costume that join together and layered over one other, which means it takes 15-20 minutes to fit onto a model, but the result is absolutely worth it.

APG: What do you do when you’re not designing costumes?

CM: When I’m not working in the studio or making costumes I like to keep fit, and also travel; skydiving in Miami during the solar eclipse of 2017 was spectacular!

Lorna Isles, designer: Reflectashield TF0.81

APG: Please tell us a bit about your background?

LI: I am originally from South Africa and I moved to Edinburgh at the age of 7, I am still in Edinburgh now at University. After School I did a foundation course at Leith School of Art where I experienced working with lots of different media, it was there I decided I wanted to pursue costume design. I passed my foundation course with distinction and was accepted into second year of Edinburgh College of art Performance Costume course. I am currently in my fourth and final year of this course and I am looking for costume opportunities and jobs for when I graduate in June 2019.

APG: What was the inspiration behind your costume?

LI: I really enjoyed working with the A Proctor Group on this project, my main objective for the costume was to show off the reflective material, so I began incorporating light into the costume itself as well as creating a folds within the material which meant that depending on the lighting different places would be highlighted. In terms of the shape, it was a very organic shape which I came to from experimenting on a mannequin and through sketching.

APG: What do you do when you’re not designing costumes?

LI: I love travelling and will take any opportunity to go and see more of the world but when I am home I enjoy reading a good book. I also enjoy music and over the years I have played 5 instruments though now I stick with acoustic guitar.

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