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HVAC Reflectite Tape


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HVAC Reflectite Tape is designed to mitigate the problems experienced by traditional HVAC tapes when condensation forms on the exterior of the ductwork.

Condensation occurs on HVAC ductwork when warm, moisture laden air comes into contact with the relatively colder outer surface of ductwork. This condensation can then cause traditional ductwork tapes to lose adhesion and peel away from the ductwork, which can lead to a loss of indoor air quality, and to losses in the energy efficiency of the entire HVAC system.

The unique adhesive used on HVAC Reflectite Tape tolerates much higher levels of moisture, meaning the expected lifespan of the tape is significantly longer than HVAC tapes currently available to the market.

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The Problem - Condensation On Ducting

Condensation on ductwork is a serious issue, causing all sorts of secondary problems like rust, mold infestation and affecting the integrity of the duct and surrounding areas. Moisture from condensation may also degrade insulation performance. The effect of not having good indoor air quality is dramatic, as the average person spends 90% of their time indoors.

To ensure air quality and energy efficiency are maintained, a good seal at all duct joints is critical. Condensation on ductwork can make this difficult as the adhesives used in traditional sealing tapes can be degraded by moisture and lose adhesion, leading to premature failure and subsequent air leakage.

The greater the temperature and humidity differential between inside and outside the duct, the more likely it is that condensation will occur. Condensation forms when warm, moisture laden air comes into contact with the relatively colder outer surface of ductwork. While insulated ducts will reduce this effect, eliminating it altogether often proves impossible.

The Solution - Reflectite Tape Systems

Many studies have shown that energy losses in heating/cooling ducts can be about 30%, resulting in increased running costs. The majority of these losses can be traced to air leaks in the equipment or ductwork that cannot always be easily found and repaired.

Reflectite tapes are designed for this purpose, and comprise durable and flexible spunbond polypropylene carrier layers laminated to our unique vapor permeable adhesive. This groundbreaking adhesive technology ensures a long lasting bond with a variety of common substrates, increasing the efficiency and reliability of HVAC systems.

Reflectite Tape (Patent Pending)

Reflectite Tape is a unique metallized, fully vapor permeable airtight tape which allows the passage of moisture vapor while providing an effective airtight seal at joints and junctions. This moisture vapor permeability helps prevent the buildup of condensation under tape, which can lead to premature tape failure.

Our Unique Adhesive Solution

Seen opposite at a hundred times magnification, the unique vapor permeable adhesive used in the Reflectite range is the result of many years of research and development in condensation control membranes.

Derived from the adhesive coating used in the high performance Wraptite-SA external air barrier membrane, this durable and highly flexible cross linked polyfunctional isocyanate coating delivers both superb tack and improved peel resistance across all common construction materials.

While some tapes and self-adhered membranes require extensive surface preparation and the use of primers, the unique properties of Reflectite tape allow direct application to all substrates with minimal preparation. This ensures a faster and more robust installation process, with less potential for failure.

Vapor Permeable & Moisture Resistant

In addition to the excellent mechanical properties of the adhesive, hydrophobic additives and the uniquely vapor permeable structure enhance the moisture resistance. This boosts not only initial tack performance, but also the long term durability of the bond, particularly in humid environments. This in turn reduces the risk of tape joint failure and minimises maintenance requirements over time.

Reflectite Properties

HVAC Reflectite Tape Data

Property Result
Mass per unit area205g/m2
Tensile strengthMD 175N / CD 120N
Resistance to Water PenetrationW1
Moisture Vapour Transmission1195 g/m2/hr
Water Vapour Resistance SD0.033
Emissivity (unaged)0.2
Peel Adhesion to Steel0.49 N/mm
Peel Adhesion to Glass Fiber0.37 N/mm
Flame Spread Index10(ASTM E84)
Smoke Development Index15(ASTM E84)

Qatari Industrial Equipment

“Reflectite Tape provides and maintains an air tight seal in all weather conditions considerably reducing risk of condensation into the insulation or air duct, especially for air ducts running through unconditioned spaces. Beyond saving energy and money, sealing air ducts will also prevent dust, pollen and other potential allergens from entering the system through leaking return ducts, degrading indoor air quality and potentially causing breathing difficulties for those with allergies. We use Reflectite Tape and have been delighted with the results.”

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