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Procheck FR200

Procheck FR200 is used as a fire retardant vapor barrier on the outside of roof and wall structures in new build and renovation projects to enhance the fire performance of the structure.

Designed to meet the criteria of Circular 215, whilst also improving energy performance and moisture management, Procheck FR200 provides a solution to the legislative challenges and climatic conditions of the Middle East region.

  • Smoke Development Index of 0 (ASTM E84)
  • Flame Spread Index of 10 (ASTM E84)
  • Air & Vapor Tight - Improves Energy Efficiency
  • Reinforced Membrane - Withstands Tough Site Conditions
  • DCD Approval Pending


Please Note - this page refers to the correct installation details for the Middle East region. For other regions, please contact our technical team.

The Problem

On New Year’s Eve 2015, the fire at the 63 story ‘The Address’ hotel in Dubai, was broadcast around the world, identifying the ongoing issues of fire safety to high-rise structures, not only in Dubai, but globally. The question being asked was, “Why do skyscrapers catch fire?”

In many cases, building materials were identified as one of the causes behind the fire propagation. With energy efficiency regulations demanding highly insulated, yet lightweight mid to high-rise structures, many towers utilise aluminium composite panels (ACPs), which comprise foam insulation, sandwiched between aluminium outer coverings. Unfortunately some materials within these systems are often highly combustible and contribute to the spread of fire.

As a result of the increase in number of fires, which also include those at ‘Al Tayer Tower’ and ‘Tamweel Tower’. Dubai demanded new structures to include extra fire-retardant measures and external sprinklers. ‘The Torch Tower’ and ‘The Address’ met these new requirements, however despite this, they still ignited, so Dubai is confronting an extreme fire safety challenge, which needs to be resolved.

The Legislation

In April 2016, Dubai Municipality took the unprecedented step of releasing ‘Circular 215’, in an effort to provide clearer and more onerous legislation relating to the materials used in new buildings, specifically in façade systems.

They identify in their opening statement that their aim is to “provide highest level of security, safety and care of public interest, and to preserve the souls, properties and the occupants of buildings”. They then proceed to list a ten point plan to remedy the ongoing issues of fires in high-rises. The main point highlighted in the new legislation is banning the use of all flammable materials used in the structure or façade.

The Dubai Municipality clarified that the materials used should prevent walls from catching fire, and that facade cladding systems should conform to the standards specified in the codes. The flame spread index (FSI) and smoke development index (SDI) for internal and external cladding materials and paint products, when tested to ASTM E84 should be below 25 (FSI) and below 450 (SDI), according to the criteria adopted in Civil Defense codes.

The Solution

With an ever increasing demand for energy efficiency in the MENA region, airtight and vapor tight reinforced vapor barriers are being implemented as part of this solution.

Due to the ongoing issues with fires in mid to high-rise developments, the A. Proctor Group Ltd identified the need for an effective reinforced air and vapor barrier, which also meet the new, more onerous legislation for fire regulations.

Procheck FR200 is a fire retardant vapor barrier which is utilised on the outside of the building envelope. The product can be used on new build and renovation projects to enhance the fire performance of the structure. It has been developed specifically for the region to overcome the risks associated with fire spread in rainscreen applications. When tested to ASTM E84, Procheck FR200 achieves figures of 10 for flame spread (FSI) and 0 for smoke development (SDI) which are far superior to the requirements listed by Civil Defense codes.

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