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Timber Frame Brochure

Timber Frame. Made Better.

We offer a wide range of construction products suitable for use in timber frame. To see the full range of products, click here to download our new brochure.

Timber Frame Brochure

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Condensation Control

Breathable and vapour/air permeable membranes and vapour control layers for condensation controlling measures.find out more >>>

Acoustic Solutions

Acoustic floating floor solutions appropriate to the majority of floor constructions, whether concrete or timber, for new build and refurbishment.find out more >>>

Timber Cladding

Pre-treated timber cladding available in a wide selection of textures and profiles. Available with warranties against rot and decay of up to 50 years.find out more >>>

Thermal Insulation

Insulation solutions for roofs, walls and floors in new build and refurbishment to suit all construction related projects.find out more >>>

Ground Protection

Membranes and venting systems for use on contaminated land sites providing protection against the ingress of ground gas and vapours.find out more >>>

Recent News

Airtightness & Rainscreen Cladding

From the earliest examples of weather boarded barns to modern skyscrapers, rainscreen construction has been part of the built environment for hundreds of years. Today, with increasing energy performance requirements, and intense competition between designers to produce unique, aesthetically innovative and eye catching structures, the flexibility offered by rainscreen systems is more important than ever. Click here to read the full article.

How I learned to stop worrying and love timber cladding

Much like buildings themselves, good Timber Cladding requires good foundations, without which all manner of warping, twisting and deformation will occur. If we’re considering timber frame, this means fixing into studwork, not sheathing, and for masonry, good solid drilled and plugged fixings. In addition to giving a solid base and restraining the natural tendencies of timber to wriggle around somewhat as it absorbs moisture and subsequently dries, the fully ventilated void between the battens ensures the moisture content remains stable across both faces of the boards, reducing the tendency of the boards to “cup”. Cupping is where the board curves across its width, caused by one side absorbing more moisture than the other, and swelling at a different rate. Click here to read the full article.

Spacetherm Keeps It Cool

The A. Proctor Group have manufactured a bespoke fridge using Spacetherm® thermal insulation for the yacht Lynn Rival, owned by Paul and Rachel Chandler. The specification was to make the bespoke Tektanks fridge as thermally efficient as possible within a restricted space. Using 6 layers (60mm) of Spacetherm® Aerogel Blanket we were able to give the fridge tank sides a U-Value of 0.22 W/m2K.