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Product Description

Sylomer is a special PUR elastomer which features a cellular, compact form and is used in a wide range of applications in the construction and mechanical engineering industries. In most cases, Sylomer is used as compression - loaded, elastic support element. The characteristics of the elastic support can be adjusted to the structure, construction method and load requirements by selecting the specific type of Sylomer, the load-bearing area and the thickness.


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Key Features

  • 10 standard grades.
  • Compression set <5%.
  • Low dependency on amplitude.
  • Static range of use ( 0.011 N/mm² to 1.2 N/mm²). 
  • Load peaks to 6.0 N/mm².


  • Static and dynamic long-term durability.
  • Working temperature range between -30°C and +70°C.
  • Loss factor of 0.09 to 0.25.
  • Resistant to substances such as water, concrete, oils and fat, diluted acids and bases.
  • Trusted for over 30 years.
  • Bespoke Design Service.

Technical Information

PropertiesTest ProceduresYellowOrangeBluePinkGreenBrownRedGreyTurquoiseViolet
Static range of use [N/mm^2]** 0.0110.0180.0280.0420.0550.110.220.450.851.2
Load peaks [N/mm^2]** 0.50.7512234566
Mechanical loss factorDIN 53513*
Static shear modules[N/mm^2]DIN ISO 1827*
Dynamic shear modules [N/mm^2]DIN ISO 1827*
Abrasion [mm^3]***DIN 53516140040013001200110011001000400300350
Static E-modulus [N/mm^2] (at the upper limit of the static range of use)**DIN 53513*0.0610.0970.1660.2820.3670.871.443.37.210.4
Dynamic E-modulus [N/mm^2] (at the upper limit of the static range of use)**DIN 53513*0.0720.280.4370.6110.7531.362.545.0411.116.4
Resistance to strain at 10% deformation [N/mm^2] 0.0120.020.0310.0470.0610.120.220.420.861.08
Operating temperature [^C] -30 to +70-30 to +70-30 to +70-30 to +70-30 to +70-30 to +70-30 to +70-30 to +70-30 to +70-30 to +70
Temperature peak [^C]short term****120120120120120120120120120120
inflammabilityDIN 4102, EN ISO 11925-2B2 B, C and DB2 B, C and DB2 B, C and DB2 B, C and DB2 B, C and DB2 B, C and DB2 B, C and DB2 B, C and DB2 B, C and DB2 B, C and D

  *      Measurement procedure similar to the relevant standard
  **     Data valid for a form factor of q=3, material thickness 25 mm
  ***    Measurement of abrasion depends on density with varying testing parameters
  ****   Depending on application


All information and data is based on our current knowledge. The data can be applied for calculations and as guidelines, are subject to typical manufacturing tolerances, and are not guaranteed. We reserve the right to amend the data.


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Further Information

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