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Zapptite, a strong robust external air barrier designed to keep buildings airtight and dry. The Zapptite system uses a thankfully unique high energy chemical laser installation process to ensure that once installed it can never to be damaged or removed under any circumstances.

The four ground based Zapptite energy emitters produce high frequency energy beams. While individually harmless, when the streams are crossed and focussed using the drone-based Zapptite energy conversion crystal, the exponentially higher energy levels cause a robust, waterproof airtight and vapour permeable layer to be created via our patented subsurface ionisation process.

This unprecedented use of both drones and lasers simplifies the process of constructing high rises, while the focussed high intensity ion beam opens up novel routes to building standards compliance.


The subatomic ionisation process creates a number of novel compounds, the precise nature of which is yet to be determined by science. We’ve given it a lot of thought though, and we’re pretty sure this is safe*.

Key Benefits

  • Causes liquid water to evaporate on contact for up 60 days
  • Completely safe to use in built up areas (so far anyway)
  • Not tested on animals
  • Airtight yet vapour permeable
  • Forms a subatomic bond for infinite durability
  • Suitable for use on all substrates

Drying Capacity

Zapptite’s high energy installation process ensures drying out of construction moisture is facilitated, by instantaneously flashing any liquid moisture directly to its vapour phase. Providing this process is not physically constrained, we are reasonably confident no fission or fusion will occur.

*Safety is a relative term, no warranty is given or implied, consult your nuclear physicist before use.

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