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Custom Aerogel Insulation

Some thermal insulation problems require a custom solution from a team of experienced experts.

We have over 8 years experience in fabricating, cutting and laminating Spacetherm aerogel blanket and posses a vast library of suitable materials, adhesives & encapsulations for a wide array of applications.

Our in-house Research & Development team is based at our premises in Scotland, and exhibits enthusiasm as well as professionalism in reviewing product applications, fabrications and solutions.

  • Ultra low thermal conductivity
  • Flexible yet robust blanket solution
  • Available in standard and high temperature variants for temperatures upto 650C
  • Hydrophobic - Impervious to Water
  • Can be cut to any size or shape
  • Advanced in-house 3D modelling and CAD capabilities
Custom Cut Spacetherm

Custom Cut Spacetherm

Spacetherm Introduction

Can We Cut It?


Got a CAD detail? Get a free sample, custom cut to your specification. Our advanced cutting machine can handle almost any geometry, to a tolerance of +/- 1mm. Click the button below to upload your detail & and try out our service.

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The Custom Cut Solution

Step 1 - Discuss Requirements


Contact us to discuss your project needs; we've dealt with everything from pipework to a satellite bound for orbit.

Step 2 - 3D Modelling

Pipes Illustration

To ensure accuracy when modelling complex geometries we can first create a 3D model.

Step 3 - 2D CAD Drawing

CAD Drawing

CAD details are created either by 'unfolding' a 3D model, or rendered directly in CAD by our technicians.

Step 4 - Cutting


These CAD details are then sent to our sophisticated cutting facilities to be cut to the exact shape required.

Step 5 - The Finished Product

Cut Product

Above shows the output from the cutting machine for a 90 degree pipe bend.

Step 6 - Product Application

Applyingthe product

The completed insulation solution can then be applied to the target object.

Thermal Solutions Team

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Whatever type of project you're considering, contact a member of our Thermal Solutions team to discuss your requirements, we're always happy to help you find a solution. Contact The Team

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CubeSat Project



This time saved was a direct result of supplying a pre-cut/preformed vessel insulation that, through calculation of material shaping and quantities for Aerogel Insulation for bends, tees, dome ends and vessel bodies. Alan Stephens, Cape

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