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Spacetherm - Bruce Platform, North Sea

  •     13 project shutdown days saved

  •     39 man days saved

  •     30-35% Project cost reduction

  •     Reduced off-shore wastage

  •     Reduced off-shore installation/fabrication errors

Project Details

Reference - Bruce platform regeneration skid works (vessels)

Client - BP

Contractor - CAPE

Material Procurement - SIG Technical Insulation

Pre Fabrication/Design - A Proctor Group Ltd

Application - Regeneration of cladding and insulation to vessel bodies, dome ends, flange access and man ways.

Product Specification -
20mm Spacetherm® Pyrogel XT-E Insulation
75mm Foamglass Insulation
GRP Fibaclad Cladding

Corrosion Under Insulation

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Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) is a common problem for insulated industrial pipe applications. Moisture ingress beneath the cladding and insulation coupled with heat cycling can create potentially catastrophic corrosion. Spacetherm® Pyrogel is not only one of the world’s best insulators it is also hydrophobic and breathable and it is these unique properties which enable it to significantly reduce the risk of CUI (see page 2) when installed as the first line of protection on industrial pipe work. Once the class leading specification was agreed the team developed a strategy to enable pre-fabrication of all parts on shore. Thus enabling a quicker and more accurate installation on a space restricted platform. A. Proctor Group Ltd lead the design work for the preformed Pyrogel (see image 1 & 2) and also provided the contractor with on shore trial fit facilities to ensure all components were fit for purpose. Final containerisation carried out by the contractor also took place immediately after production.
I can inform you BP are delighted with the completion of this Shutdown Project. This has been a credible performance by the Proctor/SIGT Team and shows the development work carried out by your technicians and my engineers of “fit for fitting” production of Aerogel innovation at its best. Mr Stephen, Senior Engineer

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