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Team Proctor Rough Runner 2017

Team Proctor raises over £1300 at Rough Runner for the SCCA

Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance (SCAA) is the People’s Helicopter - saving and improving lives in every corner of Scotland as it responds to time-critical emergencies 365 days a year.To support this life-saving charity, on Saturday 5th August APG entered a team of 8 to the “Rough Runner” event near Edinburgh. The 15klm obstacle race took " Team Proctor" 4 hours and cost them bruises, scrapes and well earned day off work the next day. It was all worth it as Team Proctor raised more than £1300

The country’s only charity-funded air ambulance relies entirely on public donations to fuel its mercy flights, bringing help and hope to those suffering serious injury or illness wherever and whenever required.Road traffic collisions; industrial accidents; equestrian, sporting and leisure accidents; strokes and heart attacks; falls and agricultural injuries all feature on SCAA’s busy workload as it flies expert paramedic care to the scene and provides speedy onward transport to hospital.


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