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We have over 50 years experience in the Thermal Insulation sector. We are consistently specified in the building & construction sector, as well as servicing several niche markets via our Custom Aerogel Insulation team.

We offer a complete range of Technical Services in support of our Thermal Insulation products, including U-value, SAP, SBEM & Non-Domestic EPC calculations. Our advanced fabrication facilities offer the ability to cut our Spacetherm aerogel insulation to almost any required size, thickness or shape.

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Spacetherm Dundee

Spacetherm - District 10, Dundee


The recent upgrade of the solid walls at Devoran School in Cornwall required a solution for the window openings with minimum loss of space, but maintaining the low U-value required. Primary Conservation Ltd contacted the A. Proctor Group who recommended Spacetherm P (Spacetherm bonded to Plasterboard).

Spacetherm P is for use in applications where low u-values are required with limited space. Spacetherm can be supplied as a blanket or laminated to a number of facings to suit your individual requirements. Its’ remarkable performance is achieved through the use of flexible aerogel insulation blankets. The insulation used in Spacetherm is material derived from silica gel.

Spacetherm - Devoran School, Cornwall

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Register now to save your place for our forthcoming 30 minute webinar,  "Spacetherm: Aerogels In Building Refurbishment",  which takes place on Thursday 8th November at 2PM GMT. We'll be covering the following:

  • Types Of Thermal Insulation
  • Other Spacetherm Systems
  • Hygrothermal Assessment Methodology
  • Hygrothermal Method - Case Study

  • Thermal Insulation Basics
  • What Is Aerogel?
  • Wraptherm
  • Spacetherm WL



For any building to have an energy efficient, healthy, moisture free building envelope there is a clear need to manage the balance of Heat, Air and Moisture movement (HAMM) throughout the building’s life cycle from design, construction, completion and use.


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