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Product Description

Roofshield is a unique, three - layer, nonwoven, spunbonded, polypropylene breather membrane with a patented melt - blown core. It is intended for use as a pitched roof underlay and is fixed beneath tiles and slates.

Roofshield provides a secondary barrier to the ingress of rain, wind and snow. It has a low vapour resistance and is air - permeable; additionally, it eliminates the incidence of interstitial condensation in pitched roofs.

The combination of low vapour resistance and air - permeability eliminates the need for low and high level ventilation. It also negates the need for a vapour control layer or air barrier fixed at ceiling level. This is a basic requirement with other inferior - performing products which are air impermeable and have a significantly higher vapour resistance.

The product provides the most cost - effective solution to controlling interstitial condensation in a pitched roof. The exclusion of ventilation and a vapour control layer eliminates the additional expense of buying extra components and paying for the labour to install them.

Click here to download the Roofshield warm pitched roof BBA certificate.

Click here to download the Roofshield cold pitched roof BBA certificate.

Key Features

  • Water resistant.
  • Low vapour resistance.
  • Air permeable.
  • UV resistant.
  • Hydrophobically treated.
  • Supplied in 1m x 50m rolls.
  • 350mm tile batten spacing.


  • BBA Approved.
  • No vapour control layer required.
  • Compatible with reputable UK timber treatments.
  • Warm & Cold roof applications.
  • Eliminates low & high level ventilation.
  • A cost - effective solution when complying with Building Regulations.

Technical Information

PropertiesTest Method Result
Composition  PP-MB-PP
Structure  3 layer
Weight  175g
MVTR g/m�/dayBS 3177:1959 2409
Vapour Resistance MNS/gBS 3177:1959 0.065
Sd-ValueBy Calculation 0.018m
Water ResistanceBS 4016:1972 Pass
 BS EN 1928 unaged and aged W1 and W1
Head of Water (mm)BS EN 20811 1135
Nail Tear Resistance MDMOAT 27:5.4.1 156 N
 BS EN 12310-1 259 N
Nail Tear Resistance CDMOAT 27:5.4.1 131 N
 BS EN 12310-1 177 N
Tensile Strength MDBS 2782-3:320A 6.37 Nmm-2
   (old BBA)
 BS EN 12311-1 297 N/50mm
Tensile Strength CDBS 2782-3:320A 4.60 Nmm-2
   (old BBA)
 BS EN 12311-1 224 N/50mm
Air Permeable  Yes
Maximum Wind Loading (kPa)MOAT 69:
 Batten spacing for wind1-------------------
 (based on 25mm battens)2-------------------
Mullen Burst StrengthBS 3137 488kNm-2
Fire RetardantDIN 4102 B2 (old BBA)
 BS EN 13501-1 Class D
UV Exposure  3 months
Colour  Green & White
Roll Size  1 x 50m
BBA Cold Roof  Yes
BBA Warm Roof  Yes
BBA Non-Vented Cold Roof  Yes
VCL in BBA  Not Required

NOTE: The British Board of Agrément has issued an Information Bulletin (No. 2) relating to good site practice when using permeable roof tile underlay’s. This highlights:

An underlay is not a total waterproof barrier and if used as a temporary waterproof covering, some rain penetration may occur.

In certain conditions, particularly if there is persistent heavy rainfall combined with subsequent severe freeze/thaw conditions, an underlay should not be exposed for more than a few days.

In the UK, during mild weather conditions, a maximum exposure period of 3 months should be adhered to for Roofshield. In the winter months, or in cases of more extreme weather, this period should be reduced. Guidance on this is given by the BBA in an Information Bulletin on good site practice.

A full copy of this BBA Information Bulletin No.2 – Permeable Roof Tile Underlay Guide to Good Site Practice is available from the BBA web site, www.bbacerts.co.uk.


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Roofshield Literature

Literature Downloads

 TitleModified DateSize 
Roofshield User Guide2/27/2014382.29 KBDownload
Roofshield Brochure2/27/2014947.14 KBDownload

Further Information

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